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Gymnocalcium Baldianum

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Easily grown, these small and globular cacti start to flower when they are fairly young. The flattened, dark green stem produces beautiful funnel shaped flowers around the crown of the cacti. Flowers can be white, pink, orange, red, or shades in between. They bloom in intervals from late spring right through the summer. Flowers need bright light to open fully.

Gymnocalycium horstii

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A smooth, shiny, green ball shaped cactus with yellowish whit spines. Spines are straight or slightly curved. Usually a solitaire plant but can slowly offset with age. Flowers are white to pale pink. This is a squatty shaped cactus is easy to grow and has a nice eye appeal.

Haworthia Cymbiformis


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This Haworthia forms tight small rosettes with light green leaves that are translucent at the tips. The rosettes offset rapidly to form a low spreading matt. Haworthias like partial shade, but if grown in sun the soft, semi transparent leaves turn slightly orange. Very easy to grow, this makes a great indoor plant!

Haworthia Cymbiformis Midori no-Sono

From $4.99

These dainty succulents are a small and slow growing plant. Some may have streaks of cream variegation along one edge of the leaf. Translucent orange leaf tips are possible depending on the amount of light. Bright light/indirect light depending on what color you would like the leaves to be. Fertilize with cacti fertilizer once a month during Spring/Summer months. Will not tolerate frost. Keep dryer during winter months. When repotting, use cacti soil.

Haworthia cymbiformis var. setulifera (planifolia)

From $7.99

Aloe like rosettes that slowly cluster to form medium sized ball-sized clumps. They are characterized by broad soft green leaves and are usually about a third as thick as they are broad with the upper surface slightly concave or boat shaped. A very cute and fun plant to grow.

Haworthia Truncata

From $7.99

This unusual small dark green succulent grows in a fan shape and offsets with age. The flat leaves resembling stepping stones are slow growing and have opaque windows at the top. A very popular and sought after plant by beginners and collectors.

Haworthia Truncata var. maughanii

From $5.49

This Haworthia is a beautifully unique Truncata that grows in a spiral, forming a circle. The top of the leaves have a frosty snow flake like design when the plant in mature. The thick windowed leaves are green becoming dark red if grown in high light. A very classy plant to add to your collection.

Haworthia Truncata var. retusa

From $5.49

Grown for its foliage, this distinctive hybrid has moderately flattened leaves at the top and attractive translucent windows. It grows in an irregular fashion. A very nice plant to add to your collection.

Haworthia Truncata 'Lime Green'

From $7.99

This fascinating Haworthia with a fan like leaf arrangement. Its growth pattern has the ability to form nice clumps with time. Its lime green coloration is very attractive with semi-transparent window leaves that seem to glisten. A great conversation piece for your home.

Haworthiopsis Tessellata

From $4.49

Formerly know as Haworthia tessellata. This broad, triangular greenish to purple brown leaves are crisscrossed with transparent markings and small white teeth along the margins. Leaf coloring can vary depending on the amount of light the plant in set in. Small white tubular flowers appear in the summer on tall raceme's. Readily produces under ground stems which form new plants. Fairly an easy plant to care for and mostly problem free.

Huernia insigniflora cv. 'Red Belly'

From $4.99

Although we do our best to package the red bellies, there is always a possibility for some of the arms to become detached from the main plant during shipping. You can try and re root them by putting them in some soil.

Lithops (Living Stone)

From $8.49

Slow growing, fascinating compact plant that resembles a pebble or a stone. Lithops naturally split and crack when the new growth starts to appear. This is perfectly normal with the old leaves eventually drying up and leaving the new set of leaves in its place. Their variety of colors in browns, green, pink rust and shades of gray along with their unusual and elaborate markings make them a must have plant. Flowers are usually white or yellow. A great conversation starter for your home. Lithops grow in bright light or you can also use grow lights.

Mammillaria baumii

From $4.99

A pretty cactus, this is one of the best with its slender radial white spines and bright funnel shaped yellow flowers. The oval stem reaches about 3 inches high and 2-1/2 inches in diameter. Easily grown, this plant forms a dense cluster as it ages.

Mammillaria bocasana (Powder Puff Cactus)

From $4.99

A cute, clump forming cactus that is covered with soft white hair. Amongst the cotton ball looking cactus are thin, hooked shaped reddish brown spines. Produces offsets freely with soft pink and creamy white flowers. Flowers usually show up in the spring and will go throughout the summer. Needs high/bright light.

Mammillaria decipiens ssp. camptotricha (Bird's Nest Cactus)

From $5.49

A small, flattish clumping cactus that is covered with long cylindrical tubercles. It is covered in white to yellowish long twisting spines. Small, delicate white flowers appear around the top. Produces lots of offsets and forms a dense cluster.

Mammillaria elongata

From $4.49

The finger like stems of this plant are densely covered with short radial spines that spread out like a star. They form dense clumps-some stems are erect while others are semi upright. An easy plant to grow but is prone to rot if overwatered.

Mammillaria elongata Copper King

From $4.49

This clumping mammillaria has finger like stems which is heavily covered in short coppery spines. Adorable creamy yellow flowers form a ring around the upper part of the stem. Flowers usually will show up in the spring. A popular and fairly easy plant to grow.

Mammillaria fraileana

From $4.49

This plant is fairly short, only reaching 4 - 6 inches in height. The dark green stems turn reddish when grown in more light. They are cylindrical in shape and slowly cluster irregular from the base. The white to dark brown spines are needle shaped, with one being hooked. The pretty flowers are light pink with a deep pink stripe and center.

Mammillaria gracilis fragilis

From $4.49

Also known as the Thimble Cactus, this small plant grows about 4" high and is cylindrical in shape. Abundant offshoots appear in the upper region of the plant forming a mound. Covered with numerous radial spines that resembles bristles, they are white with the longer central spines being brown. The small flowers are cream to pale yellow. The shoots of this fragile plant fall off easily but are also easy to re start.

Mammillaria krameria

From $4.49

A very attractive dark green globular shape stem with light green streaks through out its body. Curved spines are tan to dark brown with white tufts of hair showing up near the top of the cactus. New offsets will pop up around the base and the middle of the main stem. Make a great houseplant and easy to grow.



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