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Echinopsis chamaecereus (Peanut Cactus)

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This small slender popular, fairly quick growing cactus has very short white spines that branch to form a cluster of creeping pale green candle like stems. Remarkable funnel shaped flowers open in late spring or early summer varying in color from yellow to orange with some a mixture of both colors. An easily grown cactus, its best in wide pots or as a hanging basket.

Echinopis huascha

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A fast growing clumping species that is initially erect but tends to become prostrate. The spines vary in length and can range from red or brown to golden yellow. They can form a dense mound of long thick cylindrical stems. Produces a lovely red funnel shaped flowers in the summer. Easy to grow.

Echinopis chamaecereus 'Jubilee'

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A hybrid of Echinopsis chamaecereus it is a little more compact that its parent plant. It's deep green chunky stems grow in an upright pattern that offsets freely forming it's won irregular shape. Easy to grow, it is a great bloomer with violet-red flowers.

Echinopsis crassicaulis 'Red Velvet'

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Echinopsis Red Velvet is a relative low grower, only reaching 6" - 12" tall. Slow growing species that will form dark green offsets in time. Spines are short but very strong with a vivid red flower in spring to summer. The flower is relatively large in comparison the the plant size. This is a nice easy plant for beginners but also great for experienced growers.



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