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Gasteria armstrongii

From $5.49

Gasteria armstrongii

Aloe doran black

From $4.49

A favorite small growing hybrid with bumpy textured with /green to bright green leaves. Produces new offsets abundantly which can be separated and transplanted or left to form a cluster. Red-orange flowers appear multiple times a year.

Haworthiopsis Tessellata

From $4.49

Formerly know as Haworthia tessellata. This broad, triangular greenish to purple brown leaves are crisscrossed with transparent markings and small white teeth along the margins. Leaf coloring can vary depending on the amount of light the plant in set in. Small white tubular flowers appear in the summer on tall raceme's. Readily produces under ground stems which form new plants. Fairly an easy plant to care for and mostly problem free.

Aloe dental works

From $4.49

Gorgeous purply blue-green plant with reddish-orange teeth. Fairly compact plant that grows to about 5" to 6" in a pot. If planted outside in the ground it can grow up to 12". Pretty easy to grow and problem free. A beautiful Kelly Griffin aloe.

Gasteria brachphylla var. bayeri

From $4.49

A very cute, small succulent. It has stiff, dark green leaves that are slightly textured with tiny spots of lighter green through out the leaf. This relatively quick grower offsets freely to form a cluster. Orangish-red flowers form on tall stalks in late spring-summer.

Gasteria glomerata

From $4.49

A charming, small, slow growing gasteria species that grows to about 4" inches tall. It has fat, stiff gray-green recurved slightly rough leaves. This plant readily offsets to form a round cluster up to about 8 inches - 12 inches. Flowers in the spring on a tall stalk sporting multiple dainty orangish-red flowers that are bulbous at the base and greenish brown at tips.

Aloe hybrid lavender

From $4.49

An upright medium growing aloe, this plant forms clusters of rich dark green pointed leaves. Then textured leaves have raised bumps and dashes of lighter green and red with decorative almost reddish 'saw' teeth adorning the edges. Makes a beautiful show piece in your collection or by itself.

Aloe stingray

From $4.49

This hybrid aloe from the Larry Weisel's "Fish Series" has green leaves with pink teeth. Grow in a loose rosette shape. A clumping variety which produces offsets around the base of the main plant. The more sun/bright light it gets the more red color it will have. An easy to grow plant with attractive color.

Crassula Ovata 'Variegata'

From $4.49

This exquisite crassula has fleshy green leaves with creamy yellow variegation. In the right conditions clusters of small starry white-pink flowers appear on the stem tips in late autumn to early winter.

Euphorbia mammillaris f. variegata

From $4.99

Easily recognized for its stem, which is subtle cream to frosty greenish-white with a splash of darker green. When temperatures are cold, stems become brushed with pink coloring on the tips. The stem grows upright with many club-like, lateral branches. A very easy grower with nice eye appeal coloring.

Huernia insigniflora cv. 'Red Belly'

From $4.99

Although we do our best to package the red bellies, there is always a possibility for some of the arms to become detached from the main plant during shipping. You can try and re root them by putting them in some soil.

Aloe white beauty

From $4.49

A beauty for sure with numerous whit marking on thick light green leaves. Blooms vivid orange flowers from spring to summer. A small slow growing aloe that offsets, it like bright light.

Aloe white diamond

From $4.49

A small stunning aloe that will clump in time. Leaves are green with numerous white dots and marks. Blooms bright orange flowers from spring to summer.

Aloe sal

From $4.49

Another Kelly Griffin fantastic aloe. 'Sals' foliage is green, white and pink. A tidy clumping aloe and moderate grower, Sal reaches about 6-8 inches tall and 6-8 inches wide. It likes mostly sun to part shade.

Euphorbia susannae

From $7.99

An intriguing bright green euphorbia to add to your collection. A crazy looking succulent that mounds up to form a pile of bumpy, lime green stem segments. Susannae stays relatively compact reaching about 4" tall and 10" wide. Easy to grow, makes a great potted plant. When Euphorbias are damage they usually leak a whitish sap, known as latex. Latex can cause skin irritations if left on your skin.

Aloe sunrise

From $4.49

A Kelly Griffin hybrid, this striking aloe's leaves are shades of green with raised orangish ridges. Orange colored teeth line the edges of the leaves. Grows in full sun to light shade. The brighter the light the more intense the plants color is. Growing 6" - 12" tall, sunrise clusters to make a beautiful showy plant.

Haworthia Cymbiformis


From $2.69

This Haworthia forms tight small rosettes with light green leaves that are translucent at the tips. The rosettes offset rapidly to form a low spreading matt. Haworthias like partial shade, but if grown in sun the soft, semi transparent leaves turn slightly orange. Very easy to grow, this makes a great indoor plant!

Aloe pink blush

From $4.49

It is one of the larger Kelly Griffin miniature hybrid. This distinctive aloe, offsets readily and has colorful textured leaves with raised pink edges and orange flowers. It can grow up to one foot tall and wide. The brighter the light this aloe is grown in, the more vibrant the color it will have.

Aloe Christmas Carol

From $4.49

A beautiful star shaped hybrid developed by Kelly Griffin. It has dark green leaves and red markings. A very distinctive looking aloe, the colors are more vivid when grown in more light. This slow growing aloe can grow up to about 1 foot tall and wide producing an abundance of offsets that will fill its pot over time.

Senecio rowleyanus String of Pearls

From $4.99

A popular houseplant which is in the daisy family has very slender, trailing stems with round pea like green leaves. This relatively fast growing plant makes it a good choice for hanging baskets so that the trailing stems can hang down to produce a bead curtain. Tiny white flowers appear near the stem tips in autumn



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