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Euphorbia mammillaris f. variegata

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Easily recognized for its stem, which is subtle cream to frosty greenish-white with a splash of darker green. When temperatures are cold, stems become brushed with pink coloring on the tips. The stem grows upright with many club-like, lateral branches. A very easy grower with nice eye appeal coloring.

Euphorbia susannae

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An intriguing bright green euphorbia to add to your collection. A crazy looking succulent that mounds up to form a pile of bumpy, lime green stem segments. Susannae stays relatively compact reaching about 4" tall and 10" wide. Easy to grow, makes a great potted plant. When Euphorbias are damage they usually leak a whitish sap, known as latex. Latex can cause skin irritations if left on your skin.

Euphorbia Succulenta (Monadenium stapelioides)

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This Monadenium produces many multicolored stems. The stem does tend to flop over and hang over the pot. Branching will usually occur around the base of the large fleshy root stock. Leaves are produced at the growing points but usually only last one year. The flowers are either white or light pink in color. Although the flowers are small but are showy when produced in large numbers.

Euphorbia bupleurifolia x susanne

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Euphorbia bupleurifolia x susanne hybrid is a swarf plant. The bulbus caudex resembles that of a pineapple. Pups are produced from the main plant making it look like it grows in clusters. This adorable plant likes bright light, is easy to grow and will go great in your collection.

Euphorbia platyclada Deadwood

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Euphorbia platyclada (Deadwood) is a highly unusual succulent with flattened, speckled, red-brown leafless stems. This wacky plant has a pinky brown color which become brighter in bright sunshine during the summer time. It is slow growing with an irregular growth pattern and branches freely. Branches are highly unique and interesting with 'fingers' on their ends. The plant does look dead hence its common name Euphorbia Deadwood. A great plant for both collectors and beginners. Euphorbia playtclada (Deadwood) is an easy plants to care for and likes bright light. Small yellow flowers appear on the ends of the branches throughout the...



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