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Opuntia monacantha

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An irregular shaped shrubby or tree-like plant that has glossy green type stems that can round with ages. Branches are oblong shaped with irregular markings. A moderate to quick grower.

Opuntia monacantha variegata

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Commonly known as the variegated Joseph's coat. An odd shrubby or tree like cactus that grows with variegated or marbled coloring of creamy white, yellow, green and sometimes pink in its branches. One of the few natural occurring white cacti.

Opuntia Subulata Eve's Needle Austrocylindropuntia

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An unusual opuntia that has deep green cylindrical branches that grows in a tree like shape. It has needle shaped leaves along it's upper stems. Can grow up to 13 feet in its native habitat, but will usually only reach about 24" - 30" tall in cultivation. Relatively easy to care for, this makes a great house plant in a sunny window.



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