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Echinocereus reichenbachii var. baileyi

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This robust tough little cactus has cylindrical stems that grow to about 8 inches and 3-1/2 inches in diameter. The stems can be solitary of branch from the base. The pronounced ribs, numbering approximately 15 grows straight or sometimes form a spiral. You'll find the attractive radial spines can be white, yellow, reddish, coppery-brown or somewhat pink. Beautiful magenta flowers provide quite the show if the plant is provided an appropriate winter rest. Native to the USA (Oklahoma and Texas) this incredible cactus in usually problem free, cold and frost tolerant down to -30 Celsius for a short time. Although...

Echinocactus grusonii (Golden Barrel)

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A slow, pale green barrel shaped stem with prominent ribs that has bright golden spines. Over time the golden barrel may become oblonged, which happens in its natural habitat. Easily grown in well drained soil in full sun or bright light. The golden barrel is primarily grown for its colorful spines, although it does have a yellow flower but vary rarely flowers when grown in a pot.

Echinocereus pentalophus SB860

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Formerly known as Echinocereus berlandieri SB860, this cactus forms many finger like stems around the main stem. Rich green stems grow upright with white stiff spines. The new spines have a pink to red tint. Plant form a nice clump with many offsets as it ages.

Echinocactus grusonii var. albispina

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A single slow growing globe shaped stem that elongates with maturity. Pleasant green stem that forms deeply pronounced ribs as it ages. Albispina has numerous areoles with beautiful white radial spines. A must have for your collection!

Echinocactus ingens

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A slow growing barrel type cacti that usually grows solitary. Straight, rigid spines are either black, brown or grey with brown tips. Globular to cylindrical shaped with grey-blue to yellowish-green in color. This cacti starts off with few ribs when young and increase with age. Flowers are yellow but are only seen on mature specimens.

Echinocactus Texensis (Horse Crippler)

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The Horse Crippler is a barrel type cactus which is usually solitary. The stem's color can vary by the plants habitat from a pale grey-green to a grass green color. It is widely ribbed with strong spines. Then central spine is straight with 5 - 7 radial spines that are decurved. Blooms in late spring with pink flowers. Roots are not very developed, as the plant stores water in its parts above ground.

Echinocereus pentalophus (Lady Finger Cactus)

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The Lady Finger forms multiple green finger like stems with stiff white or yellowish spines. Each stem has 3 - 8 ribs and can extend over 2 feet long at maturity. This cactus produces brilliant pink or magenta flowers in the spring. Prefers bright light.



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