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Rebutia fabrisii var. aureiflora


A small growing attractive cacti which freely offsets forming clumps. Yellow/orange flowers are freely produced from the base. The flowers are fairly large in relation to the body. Relatively easy to grow, this makes a great plant for beginners and is loved by experienced growers as well. We grow these as small hanging plants.

Echinocactus grusonii (Golden Barrel)

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A slow, pale green barrel shaped stem with prominent ribs that has bright golden spines. Over time the golden barrel may become oblonged, which happens in its natural habitat. Easily grown in well drained soil in full sun or bright light. The golden barrel is primarily grown for its colorful spines, although it does have a yellow flower but vary rarely flowers when grown in a pot.

Mammillaria Voburnensis

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Relatively small, this mammillaria can be solitary of free clustering over time to make large clumps. Globular deep green body that can have a reddish-purplish tinge toward the top of the plant. Snowy looking wooly puffs fill the axils near the top (lower puffs disappear as the cacti ages). Pretty colored spines and adorable yellowish flowers with a reddish tinge. This mammillaria has latex and will ooze milky sap if injured.

Echinocactus grusonii var. albispina

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A single slow growing globe shaped stem that elongates with maturity. Pleasant green stem that forms deeply pronounced ribs as it ages. Albispina has numerous areoles with beautiful white radial spines. A must have for your collection!

Rebutia Grandiflora var. yellow

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A small classy dark green globular clumping species. Elegantly arranged spines. Produces several offsets and stays relatively compact. Blooms tons of bright yellow flowers in the summer. A nice addition to any collection. Great for a beginner grower.

Opuntia monacantha

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An irregular shaped shrubby or tree-like plant that has glossy green type stems that can round with ages. Branches are oblong shaped with irregular markings. A moderate to quick grower.

Opuntia monacantha variegata

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Commonly known as the variegated Joseph's coat. An odd shrubby or tree like cactus that grows with variegated or marbled coloring of creamy white, yellow, green and sometimes pink in its branches. One of the few natural occurring white cacti.

Cereus peruvianus monstrose

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A fun columnar, shrubby cactus that forms its own unique irregular shape. The grey-green to blue-green stems branch with age to continually form new heads. This is a great conversation plant and one you need for your collection.

Echinocactus ingens

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A slow growing barrel type cacti that usually grows solitary. Straight, rigid spines are either black, brown or grey with brown tips. Globular to cylindrical shaped with grey-blue to yellowish-green in color. This cacti starts off with few ribs when young and increase with age. Flowers are yellow but are only seen on mature specimens.

Opuntia Subulata Eve's Needle Austrocylindropuntia

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An unusual opuntia that has deep green cylindrical branches that grows in a tree like shape. It has needle shaped leaves along it's upper stems. Can grow up to 13 feet in its native habitat, but will usually only reach about 24" - 30" tall in cultivation. Relatively easy to care for, this makes a great house plant in a sunny window.

Echinocereus reichenbachii var. baileyi

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This robust tough little cactus has cylindrical stems that grow to about 8 inches and 3-1/2 inches in diameter. The stems can be solitary of branch from the base. The pronounced ribs, numbering approximately 15 grows straight or sometimes form a spiral. You'll find the attractive radial spines can be white, yellow, reddish, coppery-brown or somewhat pink. Beautiful magenta flowers provide quite the show if the plant is provided an appropriate winter rest. Native to the USA (Oklahoma and Texas) this incredible cactus in usually problem free, cold and frost tolerant down to -30 Celsius for a short time. Although...

Gymnocalycium horstii

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A smooth, shiny, green ball shaped cactus with yellowish whit spines. Spines are straight or slightly curved. Usually a solitaire plant but can slowly offset with age. Flowers are white to pale pink. This is a squatty shaped cactus is easy to grow and has a nice eye appeal.

Echinopsis chamaecereus (Peanut Cactus)

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This small slender popular, fairly quick growing cactus has very short white spines that branch to form a cluster of creeping pale green candle like stems. Remarkable funnel shaped flowers open in late spring or early summer varying in color from yellow to orange with some a mixture of both colors. An easily grown cactus, its best in wide pots or as a hanging basket.

Echinopis huascha

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A fast growing clumping species that is initially erect but tends to become prostrate. The spines vary in length and can range from red or brown to golden yellow. They can form a dense mound of long thick cylindrical stems. Produces a lovely red funnel shaped flowers in the summer. Easy to grow.

Echinopis chamaecereus 'Jubilee'

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A hybrid of Echinopsis chamaecereus it is a little more compact that its parent plant. It's deep green chunky stems grow in an upright pattern that offsets freely forming it's won irregular shape. Easy to grow, it is a great bloomer with violet-red flowers.

Sulcorebutia albissima

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A clustering, low growing variety named for the attractive dense white spines covering its green to grayish body. Freely produces flowers that are a beautiful purple-pink to pale magenta. A very pleasing and relatively quick growing plant.

Mammillaria krameria

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A very attractive dark green globular shape stem with light green streaks through out its body. Curved spines are tan to dark brown with white tufts of hair showing up near the top of the cactus. New offsets will pop up around the base and the middle of the main stem. Make a great houseplant and easy to grow.

Cleistocactus strausii (Silver Torch)

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An upright, slender, grey-green stem densely covered with white spines. The stem can reach up to 10 feet tall and only about 2-1/2 inches in diameter. Older plants that are over 18 inches tall can produce deep red burgundy flowers.

Cleistocactus smaragdiflorus

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A shrubby, multi stemmed cactus that branches at the base. This plant had long green stems that are covered by fine long spikes. It can grow up to 6 feet tall and reach up to 3 inches in diameter. Some 4" size pots may have multiple plants in order to fill the 4" pot.

Mammillaria decipiens ssp. camptotricha (Bird's Nest Cactus)

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A small, flattish clumping cactus that is covered with long cylindrical tubercles. It is covered in white to yellowish long twisting spines. Small, delicate white flowers appear around the top. Produces lots of offsets and forms a dense cluster.



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