Euphorbia platyclada Deadwood



Euphorbia platyclada (Deadwood) is a highly unusual succulent with flattened, speckled, red-brown leafless stems. This wacky plant has a pinky brown color which become brighter in bright sunshine during the summer time. It is slow growing with an irregular growth pattern and branches freely. Branches are highly unique and interesting with 'fingers' on their ends. The plant does look dead hence its common name Euphorbia Deadwood. A great plant for both collectors and beginners. Euphorbia playtclada (Deadwood) is an easy plants to care for and likes bright light. Small yellow flowers appear on the ends of the branches throughout the summer and the early fall. Euphorbia playtclada can grow up to 20".

Euphorbia platclada (Deadwood) comes from Madagascar. It can be grown from seed, but they can be difficult to get germinated. It is usually propagated by cuttings. Euphorbias do not handle long periods of drought. Water deeply but don't let sit in water.

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