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Mammillaria longimamma (Finger Cactus)

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An easy species to grow that will form a large clump with age. This cactus has a fairly large tap root, therefore it needs a deep pot. Long finger like stems with a small amount of white wool on the ends. The flowers are a bright yellow and are quite large for this genus.

Mammillaria Voburnensis

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Relatively small, this mammillaria can be solitary of free clustering over time to make large clumps. Globular deep green body that can have a reddish-purplish tinge toward the top of the plant. Snowy looking wooly puffs fill the axils near the top (lower puffs disappear as the cacti ages). Pretty colored spines and adorable yellowish flowers with a reddish tinge. This mammillaria has latex and will ooze milky sap if injured.

Marmalade Aloe

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Dark blue-green leaves are streaked with "frilly" orange to red bumps, all framed with serrated, frilly edges. Grows in a rosette shape with offsets over time. A slow to moderate grower. Flowers in late Winter/Spring. Sun/part sun. If grown in part shade, leaves may not be as colorful. Will not tolerate frost. Fertilize once a month during Spring/Summer months with cacti fertilizer. Keep dryer during winter month. When repotting, use cacti soil.

Opuntia monacantha

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An irregular shaped shrubby or tree-like plant that has glossy green type stems that can round with ages. Branches are oblong shaped with irregular markings. A moderate to quick grower.

Opuntia monacantha variegata

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Commonly known as the variegated Joseph's coat. An odd shrubby or tree like cactus that grows with variegated or marbled coloring of creamy white, yellow, green and sometimes pink in its branches. One of the few natural occurring white cacti.

Opuntia Subulata Eve's Needle Austrocylindropuntia

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An unusual opuntia that has deep green cylindrical branches that grows in a tree like shape. It has needle shaped leaves along it's upper stems. Can grow up to 13 feet in its native habitat, but will usually only reach about 24" - 30" tall in cultivation. Relatively easy to care for, this makes a great house plant in a sunny window.

Parodia concinna (Sun Cup)

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A sun loving, small globular cactus that blooms large yellow flowers with maroon stigmas throughout spring and summer. The spines are soft and curved which can vary from pale yellow to red. The small spiny fruits are dry and papery when ripe. Grows offset with age to form clumps.

Parodia erubescens syn. Notocactus schlosseri

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An upright slow to moderate growing cactus with red colored spines. This cactus normally does not produce off sets. An easy plant to cultivate. Will usually flower with age around 3-5 years. Shinny-lemon colored flower with a red stamen in the center. Like bright light.

Rauhii 'Snowflake ' Aloe

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Grows in a rosette shape, eventually forming clumps. Leaves mottled with numerous elongated white H shaped spots and tiny white teeth. In full sunlight, the green and white leaves become a purplish orange color. Flowers most heavily in the winter but may flower throughout the year. A moderate grower. Will not tolerate frost. Prefers filtered light. Fertilize once a month with a cacti fertilizer in the Spring/Summer. Keep dryer in the winter. When repotting, use cacti soil.

Rebutia albiflora (Aylostera Albiflora)

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A beautiful looking green stem that is covered with short white spines. It is a slow, compact grower with funnel shaped white and pink flowers. Flowers freely in the spring time with their flowers lasting awhile. Rebutia albiflora is relatively small and has a clumping nature which makes it a good house plant.

Rebutia Brunescens

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This interesting dwarf clustering cactus has a dark green-brown body. Its short brownish-grey spines really shows off the dark red flowers. An easy to grow cactus that is great for beginners but interesting enough for collectors.

Rebutia fabrisii var. aureiflora


A small growing attractive cacti which freely offsets forming clumps. Yellow/orange flowers are freely produced from the base. The flowers are fairly large in relation to the body. Relatively easy to grow, this makes a great plant for beginners and is loved by experienced growers as well. We grow these as small hanging plants.

Rebutia fiebrigii (Orange Crown Cactus)

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A small cactus with white short spines and light green tubercles that offsets with age forming a compact mound. The stems are rounded to slightly elongated in growth. Flowers profusely in late spring with brilliant orange funnel shaped flowers. Flowers are usually open for about 6 days.

Rebutia Grandiflora var. yellow

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A small classy dark green globular clumping species. Elegantly arranged spines. Produces several offsets and stays relatively compact. Blooms tons of bright yellow flowers in the summer. A nice addition to any collection. Great for a beginner grower.

Rebutia helosia (Aylostera Helosia)

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Rebutia helosia is particularly attractive, thanks to its tiny sliver-white pectinate spines and brown areoles. Branches freely from the base and is prone to root rot. A good draining soil is a must with this cactus. It is considered by many to be one of the nicest in the rebutia species. This plant comes from mountainous areas, so it is important for the plant to have a cool winter period. Our flowers are orange but there is also a red variance.

Rebutia krainziana

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A clustering globular cactus has a beautiful dark stem color with spiraling ribs and small white areoles. Stems can reach up to 2-1/2" wide an 4" tall when mature. Clumps grow approximately 4" - 6" wide. Rebutai Krainziana is a prolific bloomer and one of the earliest rebutias to bloom in the spring. Flowers form at the base of each stem and our plant has red flowers. There are other color variations of Rebutia Krainziana. Krainziana continues to flower off and on through the warm months. It is beneficial to repot this plant annually until it reaches about 4" wide...

Rebutia Muscula ( Orange Snowball)

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A beautiful small cactus covered by dense fury white spines. This cactus will form clumps with age around the base of the main plant. Native to Bolivia, it has delightful orange flowers that emerge from the base. This summer grower is easy to cultivate but is sensitive to over watering.

Senecio rowleyanus String of Pearls

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A popular houseplant which is in the daisy family has very slender, trailing stems with round pea like green leaves. This relatively fast growing plant makes it a good choice for hanging baskets so that the trailing stems can hang down to produce a bead curtain. Tiny white flowers appear near the stem tips in autumn

Senecio rowleyanus variegata (String of Pearls)

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A uniquely distinctive treasured plant. The variegated pearls hang on thin stems and are mostly green and white/cream. In some growing conditions you can also see a tinge of pink. Growing slower than the traditional pearls they are ore than worth the extra time and effort.

Sulcorebutia albissima

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A clustering, low growing variety named for the attractive dense white spines covering its green to grayish body. Freely produces flowers that are a beautiful purple-pink to pale magenta. A very pleasing and relatively quick growing plant.



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