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Echinocactus grusonii (Golden Barrel)

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A slow, pale green barrel shaped stem with prominent ribs that has bright golden spines. Over time the golden barrel may become oblonged, which happens in its natural habitat. Easily grown in well drained soil in full sun or bright light. The golden barrel is primarily grown for its colorful spines, although it does have a yellow flower but vary rarely flowers when grown in a pot.

Rebutia fabrisii var. aureiflora


A small growing attractive cacti which freely offsets forming clumps. Yellow/orange flowers are freely produced from the base. The flowers are fairly large in relation to the body. Relatively easy to grow, this makes a great plant for beginners and is loved by experienced growers as well. We grow these as small hanging plants.

Haworthia Truncata

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This unusual small dark green succulent grows in a fan shape and offsets with age. The flat leaves resembling stepping stones are slow growing and have opaque windows at the top. A very popular and sought after plant by beginners and collectors.

Euphorbia bupleurifolia x susanne

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Euphorbia bupleurifolia x susanne hybrid is a swarf plant. The bulbus caudex resembles that of a pineapple. Pups are produced from the main plant making it look like it grows in clusters. This adorable plant likes bright light, is easy to grow and will go great in your collection.

Echinocactus Texensis (Horse Crippler)

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The Horse Crippler is a barrel type cactus which is usually solitary. The stem's color can vary by the plants habitat from a pale grey-green to a grass green color. It is widely ribbed with strong spines. Then central spine is straight with 5 - 7 radial spines that are decurved. Blooms in late spring with pink flowers. Roots are not very developed, as the plant stores water in its parts above ground.

Echinopsis chamaecereus (Peanut Cactus)

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This small slender popular, fairly quick growing cactus has very short white spines that branch to form a cluster of creeping pale green candle like stems. Remarkable funnel shaped flowers open in late spring or early summer varying in color from yellow to orange with some a mixture of both colors. An easily grown cactus, its best in wide pots or as a hanging basket.

Cleistocactus strausii (Silver Torch)

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An upright, slender, grey-green stem densely covered with white spines. The stem can reach up to 10 feet tall and only about 2-1/2 inches in diameter. Older plants that are over 18 inches tall can produce deep red burgundy flowers.

Cereus peruvianus monstrose

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A fun columnar, shrubby cactus that forms its own unique irregular shape. The grey-green to blue-green stems branch with age to continually form new heads. This is a great conversation plant and one you need for your collection.

Lithops (Living Stone)

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Slow growing, fascinating compact plant that resembles a pebble or a stone. Lithops naturally split and crack when the new growth starts to appear. This is perfectly normal with the old leaves eventually drying up and leaving the new set of leaves in its place. Their variety of colors in browns, green, pink rust and shades of gray along with their unusual and elaborate markings make them a must have plant. Flowers are usually white or yellow. A great conversation starter for your home. Lithops grow in bright light or you can also use grow lights.

Aloe Diego 'White Lighting'

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Very textured mound forming with elongated white markings giving it an almost white appearance. Flowers late winter/early spring. Like indirect light, may turn brown if put in too much sun. Will not tolerate frost. Fertilize once a month during Spring/Summer months with a cacti fertilizer. Keep dryer during winter months. When repotting, use a cacti soil.

Gymnocalycium horstii

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A smooth, shiny, green ball shaped cactus with yellowish whit spines. Spines are straight or slightly curved. Usually a solitaire plant but can slowly offset with age. Flowers are white to pale pink. This is a squatty shaped cactus is easy to grow and has a nice eye appeal.

Crassula Ovata 'Variegata'

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This exquisite crassula has fleshy green leaves with creamy yellow variegation. In the right conditions clusters of small starry white-pink flowers appear on the stem tips in late autumn to early winter.

Sulcorebutia albissima

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A clustering, low growing variety named for the attractive dense white spines covering its green to grayish body. Freely produces flowers that are a beautiful purple-pink to pale magenta. A very pleasing and relatively quick growing plant.

Mammillaria krameria

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A very attractive dark green globular shape stem with light green streaks through out its body. Curved spines are tan to dark brown with white tufts of hair showing up near the top of the cactus. New offsets will pop up around the base and the middle of the main stem. Make a great houseplant and easy to grow.

Huernia insigniflora cv. 'Red Belly'

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Although we do our best to package the red bellies, there is always a possibility for some of the arms to become detached from the main plant during shipping. You can try and re root them by putting them in some soil.

Euphorbia susannae

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An intriguing bright green euphorbia to add to your collection. A crazy looking succulent that mounds up to form a pile of bumpy, lime green stem segments. Susannae stays relatively compact reaching about 4" tall and 10" wide. Easy to grow, makes a great potted plant. When Euphorbias are damage they usually leak a whitish sap, known as latex. Latex can cause skin irritations if left on your skin.

Haworthia cymbiformis var. setulifera (planifolia)

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Aloe like rosettes that slowly cluster to form medium sized ball-sized clumps. They are characterized by broad soft green leaves and are usually about a third as thick as they are broad with the upper surface slightly concave or boat shaped. A very cute and fun plant to grow.

Euphorbia Succulenta (Monadenium stapelioides)

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This Monadenium produces many multicolored stems. The stem does tend to flop over and hang over the pot. Branching will usually occur around the base of the large fleshy root stock. Leaves are produced at the growing points but usually only last one year. The flowers are either white or light pink in color. Although the flowers are small but are showy when produced in large numbers.

Ceropegia woodii ( String of Hearts)

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A collector's species this plant is highly sought after for its heart shaped leaves. The thin, reddish stems cascade down the pot with mottled patterns of white and green heart shaped leaves. The lovely trumpet shaped flower is pink and purple. This is usually grown as a hanging pot.

Rebutia albiflora (Aylostera Albiflora)

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A beautiful looking green stem that is covered with short white spines. It is a slow, compact grower with funnel shaped white and pink flowers. Flowers freely in the spring time with their flowers lasting awhile. Rebutia albiflora is relatively small and has a clumping nature which makes it a good house plant.



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