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Echinocactus grusonii (Golden Barrel)

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A slow, pale green barrel shaped stem with prominent ribs that has bright golden spines. Over time the golden barrel may become oblonged, which happens in its natural habitat. Easily grown in well drained soil in full sun or bright light. The golden barrel is primarily grown for its colorful spines, although it does have a yellow flower but vary rarely flowers when grown in a pot.

Echinocactus grusonii var. albispina

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A single slow growing globe shaped stem that elongates with maturity. Pleasant green stem that forms deeply pronounced ribs as it ages. Albispina has numerous areoles with beautiful white radial spines. A must have for your collection!

Aloe white beauty

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A beauty for sure with numerous whit marking on thick light green leaves. Blooms vivid orange flowers from spring to summer. A small slow growing aloe that offsets, it like bright light.

Aloe white diamond

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A small stunning aloe that will clump in time. Leaves are green with numerous white dots and marks. Blooms bright orange flowers from spring to summer.

Aloe sal

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Another Kelly Griffin fantastic aloe. 'Sals' foliage is green, white and pink. A tidy clumping aloe and moderate grower, Sal reaches about 6-8 inches tall and 6-8 inches wide. It likes mostly sun to part shade.

Haworthia Cymbiformis


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This Haworthia forms tight small rosettes with light green leaves that are translucent at the tips. The rosettes offset rapidly to form a low spreading matt. Haworthias like partial shade, but if grown in sun the soft, semi transparent leaves turn slightly orange. Very easy to grow, this makes a great indoor plant!

Aloe pink blush

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It is one of the larger Kelly Griffin miniature hybrid. This distinctive aloe, offsets readily and has colorful textured leaves with raised pink edges and orange flowers. It can grow up to one foot tall and wide. The brighter the light this aloe is grown in, the more vibrant the color it will have.

Gymnocalcium Baldianum

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Easily grown, these small and globular cacti start to flower when they are fairly young. The flattened, dark green stem produces beautiful funnel shaped flowers around the crown of the cacti. Flowers can be white, pink, orange, red, or shades in between. They bloom in intervals from late spring right through the summer. Flowers need bright light to open fully.

Mammillaria elongata Copper King

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This clumping mammillaria has finger like stems which is heavily covered in short coppery spines. Adorable creamy yellow flowers form a ring around the upper part of the stem. Flowers usually will show up in the spring. A popular and fairly easy plant to grow.

Aloe bright star (Donnie)

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A stunning dwarf aloe that has beautiful multicolored textured leaves with exquisite red teeth along the edges. Grows in a nice rosette shape. A delightful addition for your collection.

Rebutia Muscula ( Orange Snowball)

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A beautiful small cactus covered by dense fury white spines. This cactus will form clumps with age around the base of the main plant. Native to Bolivia, it has delightful orange flowers that emerge from the base. This summer grower is easy to cultivate but is sensitive to over watering.

Titanopsis calarea

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Titanopsis (concrete leaf living stone) are native to South Africa. Low growing succulent rosettes of 5-6 pairs of interesting blue-green leaves that are red ringed with rough tubercles at the apex. This charming little plant flowers with yellow to orange blossoms during their winter growing periods. They become dormant or semi dormant during mid summer. Water well during its growing period of fall and spring allowing compost to dry between watering. They should be kept dry when the temperature is below 45 degrees. Concrete Leaf Living Stone should be kept in bright light.

Echinocereus pentalophus (Lady Finger Cactus)

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The Lady Finger forms multiple green finger like stems with stiff white or yellowish spines. Each stem has 3 - 8 ribs and can extend over 2 feet long at maturity. This cactus produces brilliant pink or magenta flowers in the spring. Prefers bright light.

Mammillaria bocasana (Powder Puff Cactus)

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A cute, clump forming cactus that is covered with soft white hair. Amongst the cotton ball looking cactus are thin, hooked shaped reddish brown spines. Produces offsets freely with soft pink and creamy white flowers. Flowers usually show up in the spring and will go throughout the summer. Needs high/bright light.

Parodia erubescens syn. Notocactus schlosseri

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An upright slow to moderate growing cactus with red colored spines. This cactus normally does not produce off sets. An easy plant to cultivate. Will usually flower with age around 3-5 years. Shinny-lemon colored flower with a red stamen in the center. Like bright light.



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