About us

Rita Lee’s Nursery is a retail/wholesale cacti and succulent nursery.  We strive to provide our customers beautiful, healthy plants.  While others often resort to silk flowers, Rita Lees allows nature to take its course to provide magnificent, colorful blooms that are sure to awe and amaze the most discerning plant lover.  Our wide selection of plants gives us the opportunity to see different plants blooming all year long. In addition to cacti, Rita Lees raises agave, haworthia, aloe, senecio, gasteria, crassula, jade and an array of other succulents.  We are always propagating new and unique varieties to bring more variety to our customers.

We welcome you to come shop in person at our nursery or through our online Store.

Our story

Nestled in the scenic Willamette Valley just outside of Gervais, OR sits Rita Lees Nursery.  Rita Lees sprouted in 2005 when a package of Saguaro cacti seeds was given as a gift.  While the package indicated a 2% average success rate, our family was able to grow 90% of the seeds into thriving cacti.  This small endeavor blossomed into a love for these unusually beautiful plants.  Our 3rd generation family dairy farm has turned into a 4th generation family farm and Nursery of 47 years with three generations actively working here.  

why we're different

As a family owned and operated business, we are dedicated to growing the highest quality succulents by treating each plant as the unique individual it is, and providing a happy, warm stimulating environment where plants (and plant lovers!) thrive.

Our mission

Rita Lees Nursery strives to bring our customers value through providing a wide selection of the highest quality plants at competitive prices.  We are sure you will love these wonderful unique, sometimes prickly plants just as much as we do!