Rebutia krainziana



A clustering globular cactus has a beautiful dark stem color with spiraling ribs and small white areoles. Stems can reach up to 2-1/2" wide an 4" tall when mature. Clumps grow approximately 4" - 6" wide. Rebutai Krainziana is a prolific bloomer and one of the earliest rebutias to bloom in the spring. Flowers form at the base of each stem and our plant has red flowers. There are other color variations of Rebutia Krainziana. Krainziana continues to flower off and on through the warm months. It is beneficial to repot this plant annually until it reaches about 4" wide to help increase the number of stems and their size. Repot when the soil is dry and during the growing months. Do not water for 1 week after repotting to reduce root rot.

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